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Goodwill is calculated according to IFRS3. Suppose that the amount of goodwill recognized is CU 100. My question is whether this amount is attributable to both Parent's company and Non-controlling Interests OR it's just allocated to the parent company? In other words is there such a thing as minority's interests in goodwill?
in IFRS 3 - Business Combinations by Level 1 Member (1.1k points)

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As per IFRS 3,Goodwill can be computed using 2 methods(Fair value method & Proportionate share method).If the proportionate method is used ,only the acquirer goodwill is computed hence only this will be used in the consolidation however when the Fair value method is used ,the goodwill computed belongs to both the acquirer's and the NCI.

So basically the method used in calculating goodwill determines whether it will be attributable to both aquirer and NCI or only the aquirer.
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