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My company received an invoice for telemetry and PLC. I am not sure how to treat the expenses. PPE, or intangible? Or just expend.

Thank you!
in IAS 38 - Intangible Assets by

1 Answer

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This is some physical product right? Then it is not intangibles. Is this a part of a large machine? If it is a maintenance item of a machine you can expense. Otherwise you may even capitalize:

IAS 16.13: Parts of some items of property, plant and equipment may require replacement
at regular intervals. For example, a furnace may require relining after a
specified number of hours of use, or aircraft interiors such as seats and galleys
may require replacement several times during the life of the airframe. Items of
property, plant and equipment may also be acquired to make a less frequently
recurring replacement, such as replacing the interior walls of a building, or to
make a nonrecurring replacement. Under the recognition principle in
paragraph 7, an entity recognises in the carrying amount of an item of property,
plant and equipment the cost of replacing part of such an item when that cost is
incurred if the recognition criteria are met. The carrying amount of those parts
that are replaced is derecognised in accordance with the derecognition
provisions of this Standard (see paragraphs 67–72).
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