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Investments in equity shares - accounting treatment?

we have some equity shares in companies which are not quoted in the stock market. Under local GAAP we record these investments at cost. i wonder what is the treatment for this type of investments under IFRS.

asked Dec 7, 2012 in IAS 39 - Financial Instruments: Recognition and Measurement by anonymous
recategorized Jan 13, 2013 by Mysio

2 Answers

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IAS 39 is applicable here. If you are holding them for sale, such shares should be recognized as financial assets and classified as fair value through profit & loss (FVTPL).
answered Dec 20, 2012 by anonymous
selected Dec 26, 2012 by Mysio
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Yes it is treated as financial assets and accounted for as per IAS 39
answered Dec 22, 2012 by anonymous